Nationally funded and recognized.


• American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowship (awarded but not accepted 2016)
• Dean’s Dissertation award from the CUNY School of Public Health (2016)
• CUNY School of Public Health Student Innovation Challenge Award (2015)
• Dean K. Harrison Award  for dissertation work from the Graduate Center, CUNY (2015)
• National  Institutes  of  Mental  Health  (R36- Dissertation Award, “Culturally Congruent HIV Risk Reduction App for Young Women, an Acceptability & Pilot Evaluation”) (resubmitted September 2015)
• CUNY  School  of  Public  Health Student  Innovation  Challenge  Award  (2015)
• Doctoral Student Research Grant (2014)
• National  Research  Service  Award,  Department  of  Health  Human  Services,  National  Institutes  of  Mental  Health  (1F31MH099924-­‐01,  “Piloting  a  Mobile  App  for  HIV  Risk  Reduction  among  Young  Latinas&  Black  Females”) (2012-2014)
• National  Development  and  Research  Institutes,  Inc. Behavioral  Science  Training  in  Drug  Abuse  Research  Pre-­doctoral  Fellowship  (awarded  but  not  accepted 2012).
• National  Institutes of  Mental  Health  Fellow  (Krauss,  B.,  Parsons,  J.,  Roye,  C.  &  Wheeler,  D.,  PI/co‐Is, (R25MH083602),  (2008‐2012).
• Graduate  Center  Student  Travel  &  Research  Fund  (2010,  2012)
• National  Hispanic  Health  Foundation  Professional  Student  Award  (2011)
• Public  Health  Departmental  Award  (2009‐ 2012)
• YAI  Fellowship  (2010)
• Doctoral  Student  Council  Travel  Award  (2010)
• Faculty  Search  Committee  for  the  Doctoral  Program  of Public  Health (2010‐2013)
• Elected  Program  Representative  to  the  Doctoral  Student  Council  (2010  academic  year)
• Nominated  for  the  Robert  Wood  Johnson  Foundation  Community  Health  Leader  Award. Advanced  to  second stage  (2008)
• Casa  Atabex  Ache: 4th  Annual  Womyn Warriors/  Mujeres  Guerreras  Award.  Nominated  by  community  members for  “dedication  to  young  people  and  improving womyn’s  health”  and  “belief  in  the  possibility  for  change”  (2006)
• Earned  3rd Degree  Black  Belt  in  Tae  Kwon Do  (2005)
• Bronze  Medalist  at  the  National  Tae  Kwon  Do  Championship,  2nd Degree  Black  Belt  Division  (2004)
• Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health Hispanic Fellow (2001)
• Undergraduate University Research Fellowship (1998)
• Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas Scholarship (1997)
• Dominican Republic Public Health Program (1997)


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